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Standing with

the Pan-Asian Community

Support & Resources

With the rise in anti-Asian violence, there is even more urgency about staying informed and taking action to support our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) friends, colleagues, and communities. We must make intentional efforts to build awareness and denounce bias and discrimination against the AAPI community and all people.

This could mean objecting to words and ideas fueling this hate, reaching out to friends and colleagues, or showing support through action. To support the well-being of our AAPI community and allies, IPG DEI has curated the following resources to help those seeking support, informing individuals who want to learn more and offering resources to those who are unsure how to help.

Mental Health & Well-Being

IPG's Pan-Asian Counseling Support

Taking Action – Resources & Organizations to Support

Parenting/Care Giver Resources

Asian American Psychological Association


One Talk at a Time

One Talk at a Time is a program designed to help Latinx American, Asian American, African American, and Black youth and their families to have conversations about race and ethnicity. The following program includes activities and videos with tips and strategies for these conversations and will take approximately an hour and a half to complete. You can pause the program and return to it at any time. Throughout the program, you will be asked questions about your child, parenting beliefs, and parenting practices. In the end, you will also be asked for feedback to help us improve the program.


Children’s Book Recommendation

Further Reading & Learning


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