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Winning with U.S.
Hispanics Consumers

A Blueprint


The NEW Mainstream

The changing demographic landscape is transforming not only the advertising industry but marketing as we know it. We do not believe in marketing siloes popularized decades ago but rather in an integrated ecosystem driven by a more diverse group of consumers that make up the New Mainstream.


We also do not foresee the principles of marketing changing dramatically in the 21st century; instead, we believe that the practice of marketing will need to align to the shifting cultural and social trends that are redefining our country today. Winning with U.S. Hispanic Consumers: A Blueprint is a fact-based resource that you can rely on to better understand how to win with the U.S. Hispanic consumer in the 21st century.


This report provides you with thought leadership, new empirical research, and applied frameworks that challenge the outdated language-based paradigm in marketing to Hispanics and help you navigate the increasingly diverse marketplace and workplace. In our continued effort and commitment to make IPG a world-class learning organization, we look forward to providing you with additional thought leadership on an ongoing basis and helping you lead your organization and clients through these changing times.

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