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Initially, IPG’s Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Group launched this website to help people navigate COVID-19 with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens on working remotely.  The pandemic exacerbated the impact of on-going diversity-driven dynamics and disparities, and in some ways, created new ones that many resources and road maps might have missed.


The idea for the site was to help people with targeted resources to address their personal needs – as individuals, managers, and leaders – to address and support people from the standpoint of differences in gender identity, culture, parenting and caregiver responsibilities, age, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity.


The world has changed significantly since this website launched. The urgency of tending to the needs of our workers as they relate to diversity are front and center in the conflict and turmoil in society over racial and ethnic disparities.


This is as much about what happens in the workplace as it is about what happens in other spheres of life.  In response to this, the IPG Global Diversity and Inclusion Team will continue to update, reorganize, and refresh our content accordingly, including creating bespoke guides to address urgent needs.

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