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In considering how best to support our teams and their mental health needs during these extraordinary circumstances, we must first understand the complex layers in which we are experiencing this crisis. To truly unpack and cope with the impacts on our mental health, we must examine the intersectionality of these layers. While this guide explores statistical and qualitative analyses of the psychological, emotional, and mental health effects of being in a pandemic, there is something deeper at stake. Our lives are affected by this crisis in ways none of us have ever experienced before.


We are navigating through circumstances that are overwhelming, and for which most of us feel unprepared. Above all, this guide is about checking in with ourselves, acknowledging the pain we feel in order to seek out methods for self-care and care for our teams, families, and communities.

Part I of this guide addresses the ways in which the COVID-19 crisis has elicited a state of prolonged stress and versions of grief that have profound impacts on our mental health.


Part II of this guide addresses ways to check in with your team and create an environment where employees feel safe and secure enough to address psychological, mental, and emotional needs. This guide provides tools, resources, and actionable strategies for working through the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.


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