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Public Demonstration

Political Turmoil

Helping tough conversations.



After this year’s election, in order to support the well-being of our people, who may come from diverse backgrounds and hold different viewpoints, we must make intentional efforts to help foster unity, psychological safety, and support. 


That may mean holding conversations around charged feelings, engaging with people with whom we disagree, and finding ways to continue working to work together across differences. 


The following resources will help you remember to listen to understand and not to change minds, root conversations back to shared values, and show support through action.

For Our Employees

Support and Sessions From IPG’s Employee Assistance Program Provider CCA

  • 24/7 Support: If you are experiencing stress or anxiety related to the elections, you are not alone. Help from a professional counselor is just a phone call away, courtesy of CCA Immediate support is available 24/7, and short-term, confidential, telephonic or video counseling sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Managing Political Anxiety: Receive guidance from mental health experts on how to manage your anxiety in times of political conflict and change while also remaining engaged in positive ways. LINK HERE:

  • 2020 Elections – News for You: Articles and resources to help readers manage distress and conflict related to the election and to help voters navigate the polls safely amidst the pandemic. LINK HERE:

Parents @ IPG

Now Is A Good Time To Talk To Kids About Civics (Article)

  • Election Day is nearly upon us. Then again, you probably didn't need us to tell you that. Your sweaty palms suggest you're like many Americans who, no matter which candidate they support, have been amped and anxious for months. If you've been riding an emotional, politics-fueled rollercoaster, believe us: Your kids have noticed.

Election Workshops:

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