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Pride, Pronouns, and Purpose.


IPG and its agencies encourage our employees to include their personal pronouns in their signatures. You might be wondering why.


First, it is a quick and easy way to vocalize inclusion and support for our transgender and non-binary employees.


Second, it tells everyone we communicate with that we value a diverse and inclusive world where all people are respected, valued, and affirmed. Not only does this allow our trans and non-binary employees to affirm their gender identities, it also helps avoid assuming someone’s gender and getting it wrong if their name is from a culture you are not familiar with or the name is gender-neutral.


And lastly, it can be a conversation starter that allows us to lead with our allyship and educate new and potential allies about gender identity, gender expression, and gender diversity.


Want to learn more? Please explore the linked resources we have included.


Why Pronouns Matter To Us All

Being A Trans Ally Guide

PLUS Guide: 




Pronoun Allyship: Who Are “They?”

Queer Women: Seen & Unseen 

PLAYING GAMES: Why The Attacks On Trans Youth Have Little To Do With Sports



IPG Interactive Pride Flag

Zoom Backgrounds


For more information, please visit our resource,

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