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For some, the notion of focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion might seem irrelevant as many companies are working virtually across the board, pausing hiring and promotions, and we are all experiencing the same level of uncertainty and pressures. For others, it might seem out of reach or impractical because they feel unprepared or had depended on the day-to-day work of others and formal company activities. 


Mindfulness and intention about inclusion and equity are paramount at all times, even when they seem more complex due to total reliance on remote work. Basics like opportunities to contribute and seek support from trusted colleagues might be more limited due to new priorities, time constraints, and lack of physical connectivity. It’s also more challenging to consider new ideas for innovations or different approaches to solving problems when we are under stress, especially if we can’t personally relate to them.


For many of us, who are stretched or feeling uncomfortable and exposed because our work and home lives are now one and the same, we might need a different rhythm for contributing our best. And the last thing some people will want to do – even those who understand nuance and have learned strategies for how to do this -- is to risk the level of authenticity that would draw attention to themselves relative to sensitive diversity-related topics. No one wants to rock the boat now or feel like they aren’t a team player. But that doesn’t mean the issues aren’t there and impairing cohesion, the work, relationships, and stress management. 

Inclusive@Work is an evolving resource center to help us set ourselves and others up for belonging, feeling valued, and contributing our best during these unprecedented times. We initially envisioned this site as a hub for IPG’s agencies and talent but decided to open it to all who are interested because now is the time for sharing. We hope our bespoke tools and curated information resource links can help everyone to continue forward movement on DEI, and to be well-positioned for the future because diversity is a vital resource for the innovation and high performance the world needs. 

Our first guide, Intentional Inclusivity While Working Remotely, is an initial tool to empower people in real-time, and, as teams are more isolated from their wider organizations and individual work support systems.


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